About Us

About Us

New Generational Wealth Solutions is owned by Gary Branch who gained a passion for credit building and helping families rebuild and restore financial freedom after dealing with excessive debt and horrible credit. The focus for our company, is to ensure that each client is knowledgeable on maintaining a positive credit profile and building wealth. Mr. Branch has been acknowledged for showing dedication and consistency with his clients which has allowed them to continue to buy homes, invest in real estate, purchase cars with low-interest rates, and get the necessary funding to live life on their own terms.

Benefits of Repairing Your Credit

Get Better Interest Rates

No more giving away your hard-earned money to predatory lenders. Avoid expensive debts that draw you back to financial stress. Put it back in your pocket and make it work for you

Buy Your Dream Home

You can easily purchase that great house you’ve always dreamed of. Work on purchasing your dream house today, take the next action and let’s help you repair your credit score.

Start Your Own Business

Leverage your good credit to obtain the necessary funding to become your own boss and escape the rat race.

Purchase Your Next Car with No Money Down

Buy your dream car with no money down and get the best interest rates to give you reasonable payments

Get Rid Of Bad Debt

The #1 source of pain, stress, and worry in life is bad debt. We will help give you the relief that you want, need, and deserve. Let us help you enjoy life again.

Your Ultimate Savings

Stop giving away your hard-earned money to predatory lenders needlessly paying high-interest rates and stop spending all your cash. Leverage your credit and turn it into cash.